How many times have you self sabotaged? Are you your own worst enemy? I know I’ve been at different times – doubt or fear and memories of different or not so great outcomes have caused me to second guess, procrastinate or avoid new experiences and opportunities – when the present situation has different elements, people and options. Instead of looking at the differences I look at the similarities and expect the same negative outcome. It’s @#$ -up right? The truth is two situations are never the same way twice. Don’t get me wrong, experiences develop intuition and discernment from which you can detect accurately when something or someone is to be avoided (that’s wisdom). I’m not speaking about those. I’m focused on self awareness, self confidence and beliefs about who you are, which comes from layers of experiences from birth – your family, religious community, school mates, academic expectations, neighbourhood and the list goes on. It was mid-pandemic, when I was introduced to a method to help with moving beyond these blocks. It’s called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). I was ready to try something different and new; who wouldn’t want to clean up the remnants, the residue of those experiences that no longer serve you.   

What’s Rapid Transformational Therapy?

It’s a tool that helps us to heal, it’s a combination of psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and neuroscience. It speaks to the conscious and subconscious minds – our past experiences and how they affect our  beliefs and actions. Simply stated by Marissa Peer, renowned therapist and RTT trainer, our conscious mind is what we’re currently thinking, analyzing and doing while the subconscious mind is on autopilot, like our breathing and heart functions. The subconscious mind is always recording and storing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. RTT allows you to go back and see experiences, analyse and see the impact that they have on you today- outdated thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back.  

The Revelations


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited about trying this process with Dua of Liberated You Hypno . She has a gentle energy that I was instantly comfortable with and so I became open, without any fear of trying this process. I hoped to address my feeling of being stuck in procrastination  and improve on a positive mindset.

It was not what I got, but I don’t think you can always predict the outcome. What I got was something far more needed; and has helped with more than procrastination. By the way, I tried this in Nov. 2021 and I’ve waited to write about it because I wanted to see the kind of impact it would have over time. 

 As she brought me back in time through hypnosis, I went to a place where even as a child, a three year old, I could feel the real emotions of  various situations. One was the death of my paternal grandfather. I  was witnessing and feeling it as my three year old self, the hurt and pain of his sudden disappearance – even though my parents, aunts and uncles said he went to heaven.  Through the gaze of my 53 year old self, I could contextualize the situations and emotions properly as an adult, something I was incapable of doing at three. At three, what I knew was that one of my most favourite persons in the world suddenly disappeared – someone I spent much of my time with when my parents dropped me off on their way to work.  Of course, I moved on and continue to live, but it  remained with me unconsciously as a feeling of rejection; but now I’m able to change the unconscious narrative.

I didn’t consciously remember the experiences I had as a three year old -although I did have a memory of the last time I saw my grandfather –  but it’s amazing and important to know how it affected me at the time until my RTT session. What else could I be holding on to, without the proper context and understanding?  How is it affecting my belief system, my mindset? 

It’s safe to say this was an incredible experience and Dua was the perfect coach to guide me through these revelations.  She was mindful and attentive to my emotions and made sure to follow up. 

There is a process and steps she incorporates before the session –  questions that allow you to think and assess the root of why you want to go through this process. She also provided me with a recording to listen to for a required amount of days after.

As I write this and think of the long term impact, it definitely has changed aspects of my life – my belief system and mindset. So it worked for me, even though a little different from what I had been hoping to change; different was definitely more of what I needed. 

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