About Lisa

I’m back and it feels good. It has been a couple of years since I’ve been actively working on lisaliving which originally was an online magazine with journalists, writers and experts covering various topics… it was my baby. However, unfortunately it didn’t grow to my expectations of a major media publication. And so I took some time (a couple of years) to wallow in my self-pity and ruminate on where I was going to take it. I recently decided to transition it to a blog which is a more personal interaction- something I’ve had to  really contemplate  as I’m a very private woman. In fact, I had a dream last night about being caught naked – wondering if that is a premonition? Yikes.   So now it will be mostly my words, my opinions, from social commentary (my fav) to tidbits on food, exercise, relationships and dating, music, soul, fashion and beauty. Mostly me, but you will also have the privilege of  reading from guest contributors, cause there are some awesome, insightful knowledgeable people who know more than I do (that’s hard to believe I know). Also you may see some repeats from the magazine, for instance the sex experts, Sex with Jess (Dr. Jessica O’Reilly) and the XY Factor (Dr. Stephen de Wit) because they are just that good and the info. never gets old. Some content may be edgy, downright scandalous and inspire debate – GREAT! Those who know me well know I enjoy a good debate. Oh and yeah, when it comes to social injustice and empowerment, whether it be racism, sexism, sexual orientation or discrimination based on class I’m very passionate about righting the wrongs and sharing on what it looks like, feels like, tastes like…however because I believe it should be more than talk I’ll definitely share ways on how to combat and help.   Don’t be scared… a little self-examination and enlightenment never hurt anyone.

I’ve also gotten into ecommerce over the last few years – building and managing online stores. So you’ll be able to buy some great stuff  from clothing to other items – this will depend on you. I’ve made some great contacts in fashion and will have some fabulous pieces on here. I promise.

And so, I get to combine all the things I’ve come to love to do which is share information that is informative and credible as well as finding and sourcing great products.

I look forward to this new journey and where it will take me.

Tid bits on me:

  • I have an undergraduate degree (B.A., Social Sciences) –  my courses were focused on criminology and women’s studies. So you see my interest in society and its’ ills and isms were fully explored in those areas; the education, the knowledge was life changing for me as the theories gave meaning and understanding to things I saw and experienced but didn’t have the words for as a young woman. Enlightening to say the least – a most amazing time in my life – learning, debating, discovering my voice, confidently claiming my beliefs.  I was so excited about what I learnt that I wanted to share it because I wanted everyone else to  be as enlightened as I was. Which then makes perfect sense that I would eventually pursue a career in media. I always had a love for it (writing) and so I took various writing and editing courses; then I was interviewing celebs, political figures and writing informative pieces that were helpful in different aspects of our lives.  I’m sharing all this to say, the topics that you  read on here will range from the serious to the light-hearted and fun – because deep down I’m still that first year university student excited about knowledge, learning and sharing what I’ve come to discover.
  • One of my most favorite things to do is travel; it is one of the best forms of education.
  • I thoroughly enjoy going to matinee movies by myself – and I love movie marathons.
  • I’m all about healthy living, eating clean and working out five days a week. But on my junk food day I am known to eat a couple of chocolate bars, French fries, Tortilla lime flavored chips and brownies, Gizzarda’s (Jamaican coconut pastry) I have a weakness for fresh baked stuff. Yep, all in one day. Then I’m good for the rest of the week and repeat!
  • I luv luv luv, sexy shoes, boots and sandals.
  • Pet peeve: Food smells after I’ve cooked and eaten. I enjoy the aroma while cooking but I don’t want to leave my house smelling of food or my house smelling like food. Why you ask? I’m Jamaican and my food has to be well seasoned, which comes with the blend of garlic, onions, thyme and all the healthy spices which is great for delicious eats but not as a touch of perfume. Get my drift? (that was a good one!)
  • I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I’m known to clean the gym equipment before getting on them- in great detail. A gym buddy always accuses me of being a sterilizing nurse in my past life.  Once I wash my hands before eating, I don’t want to  touch anything else – for instance, I won’t shake your hands before digging in after washing, and I’ll use a napkin to hold a bottle of ketchup. And after shaking someone’s hands, my main thought is washing my hands, if I can’t at that particular moment, I do it as soon as possible. As I enter my home from a day outside, I wash my hands. Oh and  wearing shoes in your home – eeeek! I always pull my sleeves over my hands when opening a public door. The movie theatre- after watching movie, those jeans – and always in pants so my skin doesn’t touch –  go straight in to the wash, no second wear. I don’t think its so bad?
  • I love the laughter and giggle of babies – just makes my day.
  • Friendships: I’m blessed to have some genuine (awesome) friendships that span decades to more than a quarter of  a century. My sisters.
  • I abhor mean girl behaviour and gossip. Remember if they are gossiping with you ; they will gossip about you.
  • I’m an only child, but I come from a large extended family – I have about 70 first cousins!  Love dem like cook food (not a typo- just my Jamaican patois coming through).