Subway Sightings ( Irked) Kids and Sugar for Breakfast

I’m pretty easy going, not much bothers me but the things that irk me, really irk me!  I have to get this off my chest.  It was early morning, about 9 a.m. There was a mother on the train, with her two boys. It is a P.A Day and I know how that can throw a parent’s day off so I’m not totally unsympathetic. She stopped in the little café and bought them breakfast…pastry a long with a can of cola! Coke, yes, coke for breakfast! All that sugar! I was instantly irked! All the warnings of health, hyperactivity etc. ran through my mind. The week before, there was another little girl with her siblings on the train and she was snacking on the gummy bears that were likely part of her snack for later in the day. So my degree of irkness as it relates to junk food consumption for breakfast and kids is at its threshold. Healthy eating habits begin at a young age; it significantly affects a growing body and health later on.

Maybe I’m just so anal because at the age of eight my father had me reading the ingredients on labels. For example, cereals, in the 70’s choices included Cocoa Puff s, Captain Crunch etc. I was not allowed to buy a cereal that had sugar listed within the first three ingredients, needless to say, cereals were not a part of my breakfast options much to my chagrin. I only had the luxury (according to my young mind) of eating cereal at my friends’ homes.

I had a father who was very health conscious, I am now a product of that environment – and happily so. Although in situations like this , it causes a little rise in my blood pressure.