No need to hate the day of love or pretend that you do. There is no other love more important than the love you have for yourself. So whatever you would do with a significant other – if you had one – do it for yourself? Make it all about you! Treasure your time. What does Valentines mean to you – flowers, chocolates, romantic dinner, or cards?


Buy yourself your favourite flowers, they don’t have to be roses. Buy a bunch of flowers for someone that you appreciate in your life.  Giving will make you feel good.


Buy yourself those chocolates! In fact, buying your own chocolates guarantee you will get the ones you really enjoy.

Romantic dinner

Put on your favourite CD or try something new ( old school – Billie Holiday, Etta James, Barbara Streisand ) pour your glass of wine or your favourite bubbly and prepare that delicious three course meal. Yes, because you are that special!


Give Valentine’s Day cards to your co-workers, in fact go out and buy the children’s cards, similar to the ones you once gave to your friends when you were eight years old.  Your co-workers will get a kick out of it, you will have fun preparing and handing them out.

Hang with other singles

Organize a group outing with your other single friends: roller-skating, ice-skating, bowling and karaoke.

Spa day– book it now.

Books and magazines

Cuddle up with your favourite book or magazines; play some Nina Simone, Etta James

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