I like to think I’m just a little vain, I mean who wants to label themselves narcissistic. You might think I am after reading this but first let me explain. I’m health conscious. I  watch the foods I consume. I try to get myglassof-waterid-10053127 eight hours of sleep (but lucky if I get six these days). I work out five days per week. I’m not a big drinker of alcohol, mostly because I’m not a fan of the taste but I will drink a couple of Corona’s (better yet mix it with some ginger ale for a shandy). I actually don’t drink pop if only in a shandy .  I have on a couple of occasions enjoyed a glass of  high end wines.  So you get the picture. I don’t smoke – anything! I pursue my passions and find content in the end result even if  it didn’t work out the way I hoped – cause my biggest fear is to be on my death bed and be wondering “what if”  (but that’s for another story). I’m spiritual, cherish my peace and stay away from drama. My belief is that the combination of all these things equates to the fountain of youth but mostly  preventative medicine.

I didn’t use moisturizers, exfoliate etc. I washed my face with Dove soap. I don’t wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis since I work from home, unless I’m going out in the evenings or weekend. In the summer I slather myself with suntan oil, no sunscreen and lay out ( yes, although I’ve been blessed with melanin, no matter how much melanin/dark one is I think everyone always looks good with a sun- kissed glow). Also, although I’ve noticed what I call elevens – the furrows between my eyes – getting deeper, I didn’t worry about aging  so much (plus you grow up hearing black don’t crack) and so I never really got in to the anti-aging beauty regimen.

My belief is that the combination of all these things equates to the fountain of youth but mostly  preventative medicine.

In fact when  I was younger I use to say that I was going to accept aging gracefully and let my hair go grey and pretty. Hmmm, what is that they say about being young and naive, or is it young and dumb … luckily the wisdom kicked in  – my new favourite hair colour is jet black, from a box reapplied at the sight of a few too many greys. I suppose that would be the extent of my conscious anti-aging fight.

I’ve shared all that to preface what happened recently. So I was in a situation where I was sitting with two women chatting, just met them- strangers . But we spent a few hours together talking l8043812and I assumed they were about 12 years older than me, so say about 60 yrs old, no younger than 55. But the more we spoke and shared experiences I realized they could be but a few years older than me or my age. Then it was revealed that they were 50 years old , only two years older than me. I was shocked. However, they also were chain smokers, one kept lighting a cigarette the moment she put one out and the other smoked a couple an hour. I made sure I stood upwind. Rough grey skin, wrinkles etched in deep, where the face contorts to inhale and exhale causing fine puckered lines. Their lifestyles were not so health conscious but it was the first time that the light bulb went on in my head. All of a sudden, I heard my mother’s voice, “Are you using a moisturizer on your face? “You are burning up your skin in the sun,  you will get wrinkles and age spots early”.  One of my closest, girlfriends always telling me to stop squinting and furrowing  -” your elevens are going to get worse – use your glasses”! Half the time I’m too lazy to go find my reading glasses if they  aren’t close by ( another symptom of aging, ask any woman that hit 40 about arms growing an extra inch so that she  is able to read ANYTHING)!

No word of a lie, I came home and pulled out all the moisturizers I had bought but not used. My girlfriend who works for Lancome, sometimes gives us samples and recommendations – I took all of  them out of my bathroom drawers and instead of squinting to read the instructions I found those  reading glasses. Yep, I was in panic mode.

I was a little concerned about my skin breaking out from the moisturizers as it has caused  some blemishes in the past. But I figured it out.dove_large_skin-cleanse_soap-bars619-877336

In the mornings I wash with my Dove soap, then I apply my Genifique, then my Jouviance moisturizer, and I’ve increased my water intake throughout the day.

At night the only difference is I use the L’Oreal scrub to wash, and I don’t apply the moisturizer at night. I think if I use the moisturizer at night as well I will definitely see a few pimples.

I have to say the Genifque, on its own creates a fresh glow, like new skin. Definitely put an approving smile on my face.

I’ll try this routine with these products for a while and see how it works. A couple of my friends use coconut oil on their face,  one of  them has been using it on her  body and face for years and  looks like she is in her early 30’s, if that, and she is 47 years old. That I will have to try however I’m not so sure how my skin will fare but a natural option is always a good choice.

I have to say, what a difference, my skin is glowing and dewy even if my new regimen doesn’t work.   Who’d-a-thunk-it?

I know I can’t reverse my elevens but maybe just maybe I can slow their roll. Of course there is always Botox, as one girlfriend encouraged me to check out … but I’m not there yet.










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